About Us

Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. Financial Services for the Medical Marijuana Industry.


Dutch Gold intends to provide financial services, including merchant banking, merchant services and business services with a specific focus in the emerging “cannabis industry.” We intend provide financial services to this underserved business sector.  For consumers we expect to provide payment mechanisms more inline with the traditional retail experience.  For business in the legal marijuana sector, we intend to provide cash management alternatives through merchant services, business credit advisory services and access to capital through state-specific crowd-funding platforms


Our Team

Our management team is comprised of financial services professionals and select technical advisors.  We leverage thirty years of business experience in capital markets, business services and technology.  Having supported rapid growth industries, our intention is to lead this sector with leading edge technology to facilitate cash management, customer loyalty, access to credit and the capital markets.

How can we help you?

We provide customer centric financial services to the medical marijuana sector.Currently, federal regulations make it difficult for dispensaries and other providers to have access to banking from interstate banks.   The industry generates about Two Billion dollars of revenue and is slated to grow to $10 Billion over the next five years.  The need for sophisticated financial services in readily apparent, while the transition from an “all cash” business to a 21st century banking model is not.  To that end, we intend to rollout a series of products focusing on:

  • Merchant Services to connect dispensaries and their customers
  •  Business services such as Business Credit Advice, and accounting and compliance
  •  Access to capital through state-specific crowd-funding platforms